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Club Cans

Club Cans provide the look and feel of a real football, only super sized! These containers are watertight, spacious, and stylish for all of your indoor or outdoor storage needs. Whether you’re looking for a container to use in your garage or kitchen, Club Cans are just what you need! Made of high-quality, BPA free plastic, these are great for storing camping items, keeping beers cold, or concealing toys when not in use.

Use one of our Club Cans in your backyard, basement, garage, or anywhere else you feel needs a little extra sporty decor. These containers are high-quality and durable. We only use high-density Polyethylene #2 to make each Club Can and every one measures 43 inches high with the lid attached. Club Cans are also waterproof and can hold up to a standard 1/2 barrel keg.



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  • Waterproof – Club Cans are watertight and waterproof to keep ice and other contents from leaking while also preventing outdoor moisture like rain and snow from getting inside. This means that you can use this container as a cooler during those hot summer days and a storage bin throughout the winter months. You’ll never have to worry about your items getting ruined or your beers getting cold with Club Cans.
  • Convenient Size – These containers are perfectly sized for both traveling with items and keeping contents stationary. Weighing only 15 pounds alone, you can easily pack up your tailgate items for safe travel or keep it in your backyard for fun throughout the football season. Club Cans measure about 43 inches high with the lid and have handles so you can easily pick one up and move it from place to place.
  • High-Quality Materials – Both BPA and chemical free, your Club Can can be used for food storage, as well. Crafted of high-quality plastics, these containers are durable and will maintain their look and structure for years to come. Club Cans also look and feel just like real footballs, right down to the lacing. Even better, all of our items are made right in the USA, specifically in Columbus, Ohio.
  • Customization – With a minimum order of 25, you can customize your Club Can to have any look you desire. Whether you’re thinking of a different body color, lace patterns, vinyl decals, spray stencils, or anything else, we’ve got you covered. The sky’s the limit when designing your Club Can and we’re here to make your dreams a reality.
  • Club Cans are versatile and stylish, making them the perfect addition to any football-lover’s home. Use one as a beer cooler, outdoor trash can, food bin, toy chest, or anything else you desire! With so many uses, Club Cans are what you’ve been looking for to take your home’s decoration and functionality to the next level.
    *If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, you can contact us within 7 days for a return. All you have to worry about is paying the return shipping and we’ll take care of the rest.
Weight 320 oz Dimensions 24 × 24 × 30 in Height with lid:


Diameter (widest point):


Construction material:

High Density Polyethelene #2

Height without lid:


Diameter (opening):




Shipping container size:

24” x 24” x 30”


15 lbs


up to standard 1/2 barrel keg

Production method:

Single piece injection molding

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