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Q. Are Clubcans really made in America?

A. They surely are! Every Clubcan is marked "Made in USA," on the lip. Proudly produced in the continetal United States of America. More specifically Columbus, Ohio.

Q. Is it safe to store food products directly in a Clubcan?

A. Absolutely! We use only the highest quality plastics for production, and would never use materials containing BPA, or other similar chemicals. We would ask that you wash your Clubcan out with water first, as there will occasionally be plastic shavings & dust inside from the manufacturing process.

Q. I lost the lid to my Clubcan, can I purchase another?

A. Unfortunately, Clubcans are one piece molded; Which means it is not possible to produce lids as a single unit by themselves.

Q. Why are Clubcans so expensive? It's plastic, right?

A. It does cost a bit more to produce locally. Also, all units are hand worked for quality control & lace installation. Lastly, shipping companies care much more about the dimensions of a parcel than the weight. Clubcans are light and durable, but certainly not small!

Q. Do you offer refunds?

A. We do. If you aren't satisfied with your product, you are welcome to return it within 7 business days of purchase. Shoot us an email, pay the return shipping, and we will credit your account for the total amount.